Punto Luce


The main services that our firm Punto Luce S.n.c offers to its customers are planning, realisation and maintenance of electrical, electronical and lighting installations. We also deal with A.A.L. systems. Founded in 1994, our society works in numerous yards in Aosta Valley and, since January 2017, we have decided to bring our professionalism to Swiss, country in which we have obtained the ESTI certification from the High electrical current Federal Inspectorate . Moreover, since the beginning of 2018, our firm Punto Luce S.n.c has registered at the Geneva’s Chamber of Trade located in Rue du Cendrier 12 (1201 Genève – CH), obtaining the Swiss VAT registration.

Careful to the quality of our materials, we always try to offer the best solutions to our customers, with who we create a transparent and correct relationship.
Among our strengths there is a deep knowledge of the rules related to accidents prevention and protection of privacy.

But our experience is more than this: Punto Luce is often contacted by the CNOS/FAP association of Aosta Valley – Don Bosco and by the Aosta Valley Professional training project – Projet Formation Vallée D’Aoste in order to activate and teach professional training courses


Electrical installations for civil and industrial buildings and for the tertiary sector are made according to the CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committe) standards and they are certified in Italy by the ministerial decree nr. 37/08. In Swiss territory, our firm works according to the low tension electrical equipments ordonnance – ordonnance sur les installations électriques à basse tension – OIBT – (ESTI certification nr. I-07504-4).
Installations électriques


We offer installation and maintenance services for simple intercoms and developed equipments interconnected with the newest technologies. We are also able to install intercoms equipped with video-telephonic systems which connect with smartphones and tablets.


A warning systems allows you to protect people and properties through developed technologies and systems which are supported by equipments configurable and customisable according to your needs and requests.


CCTV represents an added value to your security thanks to systems composed by cameras. These ones are supported by video-registration technologies. Our CCTV equipments allow you to see registered images at home or away, ensuring you a total control.


Single or centralised TV equipments let you receive and transmit in your spaces TV channels through digital technologies. You can receive TV channels from terrestrial digital through antenna or from satellites through satellite dish.


Thanks to the light and to our partner LightCenter Aosta, Punto Luce’s environmental design gives an added value to the living comfort, the job place ergonomics and the evocative scenarios’ creation, modern and impacting, without overlooking the classic style.


Every advanced technological system is based on the transport of informations by communication protocols. These ones exploit copper cables and optic fiber cables. We plan and realise structured wirings.
Equipments for LAN and data network wiring


Since the 1990s, Punto Luce S.n.c., in collaboration with DUEMMEGI, has been planning, realising and programming AAL systems. Born as a help for people who have difficulty in walking, AAL has definitely become an added value to the house and the job place electric and lighting equipment.
Systems and building automation
As well as the services described above, Punto Luce S.n.c also deals with installation and maintenance of modern smoke – fire – gas detection plants; vacuum systems and motors for the automation of the access points like gates and garage doors.


Carpentery classroom Istituto Orfanotrofio Salesiano of Châtillon

Apartment in Saint Vincent

Apartment in Sarre

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